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Our range of services covers the following survey procedures and methods:

Survey procedures
Focus groups
In-depth interviews
Online surveys
Studio tests
Field studies
Telephone interviews (CATI)
Laptop interviews (CAPI)
Image analysis
Customer satisfaction analysis
Employee surveys
Multivariate test procedures (conjoint, cluster- and factor analyses)
Positioning analysis
Product / packaging tests
Pre-tests for advertising media
Monitoring of advertising impact

Even though we see ourselves as a full-service institute: We don’t only offer complete studies, but partial services as well.
Depending on the starting point, the following problems might for instance arise:

You want to conduct a survey yourself and don’t know how?

F & P can offer you a methodological consultation, e.g. in the form of a workshop.

In the context of a mailing campaign, you want to know more about the structure or needs of your customers and don’t know how to design the questionnaire?

F & P will develop the questionnaire for you.

You’ve conducted a customer survey but don’t have the necessary software to process the data statistically?

F & P will enter your raw data material, analyse the data and produce a results report in the form of presentation charts.

Whether planning, execution or interpretation: F & P will come up with a solution in line with your budget.

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