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One of F & P’s central principles is that we do not offer our clients – who, incidentally, we see more as partners – a standardised methodology. We therefore use different methodological components that are individually geared to the problems and questions of every single F & P partner.

This is why we attach particular significance to consultations on concepts and strategic planning during the developmental phase of a study. Because the basis for success is created long before the start of the actual research.

An intense deployment of manpower guarantees quality. Which is why, at F & P, at least two experienced project leaders are always in charge of the studies. This constant mutual exchange means more depth and diversity, particularly when it comes to analysing results. This is also the reason that we offer double moderation for group discussions with their often very complex issues.

Our team consists entirely of academic specialists. They have a wealth of experience in the field of ad-hoc research and can therefore tackle your problems with all the necessary flexibility.

In addition, the managing partners are always involved in all stages of the project: You won’t have to wait for a "crisis" to meet them.

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